Friday, March 18, 2011


This is an offshoot of my Cauldron Full of Stars project, but this one is different. This blog is very personal and dear to me. Here, I will share some of my spirit journeys with you and give you guideposts for taking your own voyages/journeys of the spirit.  This is something I feel passionate about, and it has changed my life for the better.

"It is only in adventure that some people succeed in knowing themselves- in finding themselves."  -Andre Gide

This is an adventure that takes you inside yourself.  Each place visited is a lesson.  Each being met, a teacher.
I have thought out what I want share of this voyage.  Some of the stops that I have made will not be to your liking; we all have different lessons to learn and different psyches.  Some stops come from ancient stories, others from more modern sources, like guided meditations or folklore.  I will cite these, so you can go back and experience them for yourself, if you'd like.  Others are places that I have visited in my journeys. The inner landscape changes frequently.  Some places are mundane, others exotic.  Some places are full of magic that is not bound by the physics of the outer world.  They are still real, just not as tangible.  Feel free to skip around the way posts.  Once you begin to journey, the road will not disappear.  If you need, or want, to retrace your footsteps, you can.  Don't be afraid of breaking new ground.  You are safe here.

Visit the places you are comfortable with, visit places that you create or that you are drawn to.  Your lessons, and your teachers, will be different from mine.  I am merely giving you a copy of my map.  You may explore places that I never dreamed of, and that is wonderful.  Please feel free to share these experiences here.  Ask questions, look for answers, seek help.  This journey is one that takes time and effort.  Some lessons begin painfully, maybe you need to confront your past or current behavior, maybe you need to let go of the things that hold you back in life. Don't let uncomfortable experiences scare you off.  Maybe you need a mirror so that you can see yourself, good and bad.  Whatever your life lesson is, these journeys can help you create the life you want, by helping you to learn yourself.

The posts in this blog will be individual segments of the journey.  I did not experience these all in one go, and I don't expect that you will either.  They have happened over several years, a piece at a time.  If you'd like some background about spiritual journeys or an explanation of my methods for "traveling", please check the stand alone pages on at the top of this blog.


The Cauldron Keeper

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