Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Canyon Lands

There is a great and swift river that flows across a green valley.  It gathers clear, cold water from the snow melt of the high mountains to the north and carries it southwards, rambling through valleys, down hills and across plains into the mysterious land of the canyons.

Follow the river as enters the hills leading to the canyons.  The rocks here are banded in soft, beautiful colors: greys, blues, yellows, rust, cream, tan, even a soft violet.  As you enter the deep, narrow canyon, look up.  Around you is time laid out for your enjoyment and study.  Each layer represents a time period, each change of color and texture is the end one thing and the beginning of something else.  Some of these changes have been gradual, you cannot tell for certain where one layer ends and the next begins, though you see a slow progression to a new stone.  Other changes are sudden, sharp lines and violent juxtaposition.

Beside you the river patient cuts through the rocks, exposing new truths about the past.  The sun does not reach you where you stand, but ahead, it lights the scene like a spotlight.  Vegetation is sparse and the animals that inhabit this landscape are quiet, secretive, subtle.

Step into the harsh, bright light shining down from above and let your sight adjust.  Do you see anything differently?  Are there petroglyphs or fossils? Mine shafts, ruins?  Can you read your past in the layers before you or do you identify with the river, slowly making it's way to its destination and shaping the world as it passes?

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The void

I've been trying to write posts for you, but nothing was happening. Silly me, I had missed the message, several times.  I was being shown the Void.  It is a emptiness.  The "abyss of the unformed", as Patricia Kenneally Morrison poetically called it.  In fact, it's not actually a place, more an idea. It has many names; for me Void, Abyss or Annwn work.  You may find other names or descriptors that suit your worldview better.  The name has no meaning other than what you give it, much like these journeys.

My recent journeys to the Otherworlds have been in the Abyss.  For me it is devoid of light, sound, taste, sensation and scent.  I am there and occasionally, guides have sought me out.  Some of them family members who I knew in this life, but who have passed into their next existence, others teachers who wish to impart of a bit of wisdom.  Since there is nothing there, there is literally nothing to fear.  It is a place of creation and destruction, the source of change.  It defines the idea of existence.  Annwn, the abyss, is easy to overlook, but it can be an ideal place to face fears or hear truths that maybe uncomfortable.  it is a place to practice your own creative powers, or simply to be alone.

If, during your Otherworldly travel, you find yourself lost in a space that has no markers or form, you are probably in the Void.  Don't panic.  If you are afraid, you can leave and go back to someplace that makes you feel safe, or you can try to understand what the Abyss means to you.  If you stay, try creating images or objects.  Ask for guidance or simply enjoy the quiet.


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Monday, October 3, 2011

Free form journeys

It is sometimes difficult to meditate in a world filled with technology and noise.  I live in an apartment and a neighbor slamming a door can startle me out of a light trance very easily.  One of the things I have found very helpful is a mp3 player and some inexpensive binaural and shamanic recordings.  The ear buds muffle some outside noise and the music covers the rest.  It leaves me more relaxed and more able to follow my mind where it goes.  It's also a good tool for timing your meditation sessions.  Good luck and happy travels!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Celebrations in the Otherworld

There are many things you have now learned in the Otherworld.  Your journey has been unique and filled with meaning.  Congratulations!

The Otherworld(s) are also a place where you can celebrate, perform rituals or create.  Take some time from your journey to rejoice with your guides over how far you've come.  Dance, sing, soar in happiness.  Give thanks or offer a plea for help.  Cast spells or create great art.  The possibilities are only as limited as your imagination.

Magic in the Otherworld does transfer over into this one.  Embrace your own power and create the life you want.

May this Equinox bring your balance and blessings!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Travelers and other lessons

As you journey in the Otherworld, you will meet other beings.  Some of them will be projections of yourself, others will be guides, and some will be other travelers.  Every being, great or small, has a lesson to impart in the Otherworld.  It is up to you to decides if and when and how to engage some of these teachers.  The ones I met, will not necessarily be the ones you do.  If at any point a being makes you feel unsafe or scared, feel free to break off that contact and leave.  Things in the Otherworld can only hurt you if you let them.

With this in mind, I will share an experience I had.  In my travels, I often perform mundane tasks such as cleaning my home or cooking food.  Once, while sitting beside a campfire, I was approached by another.  Hooded and hidden, I never the less, invited the being to sit.  he or she, never spoke, only watched the stars and enjoyed the warmth of the fire.  Did I learn something?  Probably.  It was a strange experience.  Silence, for many of us is uncomfortable.  Sharing a meal or fire with a stranger is not a common experience for us.  Our own personal bubbles protect us the waking world from many interactions with strangers, we all bump along, against each other's bubbles with out actually interacting.  I am still processing the experience.

May journeys be blessed with experiences and lessons that strengthen and enlighten you.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Desert

This journey expands your geographic knowledge of the Otherworld.  Travel south and east, away from the ocean, over the mountains that cradle the lowlands between them and the sea.  These are the desert lands, a place where you can learn to spot hope and life in seeming desolation.  Notice the light here is bright, harsh and strong; it heats the rocks and backs the earth.

Unlike many of the other places you have been led in these journeys, this is a place of austerity and unique adaptation.  The plants, animals and beings that inhabit the desert are important teachers; their power is in their ability to adapt, to persevere, to thrive in a harsh, demanding world.  Here, more than any other place you have been to, requires balance.

Look around at the faded desert shrubbery.  It looks nearly dead, doesn't it? The leaves look dry and brittle, but touch them.  They are surprisingly soft and supple.  The wood of these bushes is cracked and splintery, but they harbor a secret: these fibers have the amazing ability to hold what water comes their way and save it for when it's really needed.  Keep looking.  Do you see how many different animals are here?  From tiny mice, to families of quail, snakes, hares, coyotes, and many others make their home in this land.

The inhabitants here respect one another.  They understand that their lives, and deaths, are part of the great cycle of being.  A snake may eat the mouse, and in turn become food to an eagle, who dies and feeds the land itself.  If one species becomes overpopulated, they all feel the effects of that imbalance, sooner or later.  It doesn't matter whether the species is a grass or predator.  They are equally important.  They have all developed amazing adaptations to survive the heat of the day, the cold of the night, and the lack of regular rainfall.  They blend with their environment so carefully, as to be invisible.

Spend some time observing the careful, subtle balance and beauty of this place.  Do you see how dependent each species is on the others?  Do you identify with a particular animal or plant?  Do you see yourself reflected int his environment?  Watch as the day changes to night.  Do you see a new world here?  Enjoy the exploration of this desert.  It's secrets and lessons are many, and it will take time to learn them.  You may also find traces of other travelers, of peoples who have lived there.  They may be hidden or careful preserved.  Take your time, embrace your bravery and explore.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Barren Valley

Among the green hills, there is a barren valley. Once this place was thriving and beautiful, fruitful and fertile. Farms and small villages dotted it, and it's reputation for fertile soil spread.  War, for generations, marched back and froth across this valley.  Livestock were killed or escaped.  Crops alternately burned or rotted in the feild.  Homes blazed.  Now this place is an unmarked graveyard for those who coveted it.  Broken weapons and armor, bleached bones and broken objects mark where soldiers fell.

In this place, you can respectfully look around trying to recognize messages about your destructve or covetous tendencies.  Does a broken cottage remind you of something? Or maybe it's the tarnished and damaged heraldry on a shield.  Are you a survivor of wanton and nonsensical warring?

This barren, war torn valley is a place to mourn, to listen to the messages of the past.  Cry your tears, feed the land, and one day, it will return to it's former glory or be overtaken by nature.  The sorrow and anger of the place will diminish and it will hold other lessons for us to learn.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Village

There is a village near the sea that is an interesting place to visit.  It is busy and filled with people, animals and activity.  Of all the places I have led you so far, this place is the most densely populated.  You will not be able to walk around withour brushing shoulders with the inhabitants.

Look around and notice the sheer number of people, animals and buildings surrounding you.  Everywhere, people are attending to their business. Items and services are being bartered; children play among the adults, and animals add their sounds to the noisy atmosphere.  people will bump into you here, often.  Strangely, no one will acknowledge your presence.  They are too wrapped up in their own affairs to care about who you are and why you are here.

What pieces of your life are here in this village?  Do you recognize people or situations?  Is there a message for you here?  This is the Village of the Invisible.  Each person is invisible to most of the others.  They stick to their own cliques and circles, never venturing out.  They are trapped by their refusal to see others.  Their lives never change because they see no other way of being.  Among the lessons to be learned here are those pertaining to our individual blind spots.  Do you see yourself in this village?  Do you recognize when and where you refuse to see possibilities?

Explore this village carefully.  Lessons and discoveries are everywhere, should you choose to see them.  When you have had your fill of this place, feel free to take your leave; do not linger here to long, so that you do not become lost.   

Monday, August 15, 2011

A lesson for those who would journey- my experience with the dancing crone

Pissed off and discouraged, I came home from running errands yesterday with one furious spouse and two whining , crying children.  The boys were sent to their room for a nap; my husband settled down with the computer to update my phone and I put my earbuds in and listened to some shamanic drumming.

At some point, I took a journey into the Otherworld.  This isn't an unfamiliar sensation, but the expereince I was met with yesterday was extremely interesting. I found my self climbing a steep moutainside, that was riddled with narrow, yonic caves.  At one, I was compelled to enter.  I met my inner crone.  Dancing nude with clawed hands and wild, grey hair. Her eyes, though faded, were distinctly mine- blue with a green patch. She was as comical as she was frightening.  Being in a bit of a mood myself, I rather defiantly  leaned against the wall, arms crossed and sullen as the bratty teenager I once was, I watched.  Sagging breasts and thighs bounced to the sound of drums.  Claws and teeth scratched and rattled in counterpoint.  She noticed that i was not properly respectful, or horrified. 

She got my attention by scartching her long claws down my face.  From forehead to jawline, she left deep, bleeding furrows.  It hurt, through my stinging, damaged eyes, I saw the cauldron over the fire. A moment later, I was inside it, as she stirred the glowing liquid and me.  She was cooking me, but it was not out of malice or a desire to cause me pain.  Since I refused to learn the lessons she would impart in a grown up and respecful fashion, she delivered them in a fashion I could understand.

The cauldron was an agent of change.  She was merely coaxing me along on my journey.  In her eyes, I could see sorrow at the pain she had caused, pride that I finally figured out what was happening and joy that I was finally emabracing change.  The anger and frustration I had enetered with washed away.  Smiling at her, I sank into the waters of change and found myself travelling through the stars.  

In each of us, all of womankind is whole.  As we live out our lives, so similar and so different from each other and from our fore mothers, we are carrying on traditional and blazing trails.  We are not he end or the beginning.  We are, and that matters.  Embracing the changes of life is liberating and creative.  Fighting to hold onto the past negates the joys of the future; it stops the natural flow of time, creating stagnant pools, rather than cauldrons and crucibles of change.  When faced with your inner crone, learn form my lesson: respect her, listen and allow her to impart or her wisdom, or she'll find another way to be heard.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Land fall

Your sea voyage is over for now and it is time to resume your travels on land.  Your craft has brought you back to where you left from.  Does it look different now?  Has anything changed or do you see it all differently?

Return to your Otherworld home.  It is important to rest from time to time and allow experiences to find you.  You may find that your home has changed or that you need to change it.  That is perfectly fine, it is a reflection of the experiences you have accumulated.  Make whatever changes you need to feel completely comfortable and at peace in this place.

While you are here, you may have visitors or find messages that were left for you to find.  Enjoy these, along with the rest period.  They are also part of your journey.  Soon you will set out again, never fear.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Blog note- I am away

Hopefully, while I am travelling physically, I will be able to spend some time travelling in the Otherworlds.  When I return, I will post something new.  Promise.  In the mean time, look back through the previous journeys and try going back to a place or two, you may find another lesson waiting.


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Orbs and other beings you may encounter

Before you return to land, there are a few other experiences that may come to you.  There are many more islands than I have written about.  You are free to explore these, or you can enjoy the open waters.  There are beings that we sometimes come in contact with who are not bound to land or island.

The mermaids are one group of these.  It has been a very long time since I encountered them, and I have never had occasion to speak to them, but I have seen them and heard their music as I sail.  I don't know where to direct you if you are interested in meeting them, but I imagine they will turn up if they have a message or lesson for you.

Another group of beings that I have not had personal contact with are the sea serpents.  Other a glimpse or two, they have not factored into my journeys thus far.  Like many beings of the Otherworlds, they have their own business to attend to.  

The orbs are among my favorite beings in the Otherworld.  These sentient balls of light dance and play, often in groups, over the waters and in the forests and meadows.  They are joyful and peaceful. They communicate in their own fashion, and if you are lucky enough to encounter them , savor the experience.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Singing Trees

A final island, before I return you to the shore.  This is the island of the singing trees.  It is a high island, ringed with rock cliffs, but the interior is a lush grove of tall trees.  Climb the cliffs to enter this grove.

The trees here sing the songs of the past.  They do not produce words, but the music coming from them and the wind tells the stories of many other travelers who have journeyed in the the Otherworlds.  If you try, you may hear familiar tales of voyages.  Listen to these songs, do you learn anything?  Are you included in this music?  Travel through the trees, learning about the different sounds and melodies each individual tree adds to the music. Each voice is unique, but together, they form a whole that would be incomplete without each individual's contribution.

When you have absorbed as much of the song as you can or wish to, return to your boat and sail towards the shore you departed from.  New lessons on land await you, but you are welcome to visit the islands (and there are many we have not explored together that you can experience) anytime you wish.

Monday, June 20, 2011

The Bulls

The mist has returned.  This time, it is darker and more mysterious.  The sound of  thunder booms nearby and a dark shape begins to take form.  This new island is another place where you should watch from the safety of your ship.  This is the island of the two bulls.

The island is a high plain ringed with broken trees and trampled vegetation.  In a moment you will understand all of the destruction.  You can see that once, this place was lush and green.  Now it is all in ruins.  Look toward the center of the island.  There are two gigantic bulls, one solid black and the other cream with a russet saddle.  Their horns are locked in battle.  Each is bleeding from many wounds inflicted in the course of this conflict. They push and pull each other, struggling to gain their freedom or to dominate the other.  Their hooves gouge the earth beneath them  and they slam into the broken trees. So involved in their fight, they do not notice the destruction they have caused or their injuries.  They do not notice that they have trampled all of the edible plants and their caregivers.  To the victor of this fight, there will go nothing but a slow, lonely death.

This island of eternal battle is symbolic of many struggles.  What forces in your life or your psyche are constantly battling for dominance at the very same time they are destroying other things?  What metaphors to do you see during this segment of your journey?  Watch carefully as the bulls struggle.  Do you see parts of your life in the ruined land around the bulls?  When you have had enough of watching this battle, turn your craft away from the island and sail back into the fog.

Monday, June 13, 2011

The Island of Birds

I laid down next to my son for a nap Sunday afternoon.  Wrapped up with him and holding his hand, I drifted off.  The birds, a place I visited quite a long while ago, invited me back to share their island with you.  This post is a combination of my experiences on the island and of the message they shared.

The sun has burned off the curtain wall of fog for the moment and the sky and sea are crisp, blue and sparkling.  Ahead of you, on the horizon, is a lush green island with a strong line of sandy beach separating the land the water.  Birds are silhouetted against the sky as they fly.  This is the Island of Birds.

As your craft settles on the soft, warm sand, you become aware of birdsong surrounding you. Many types of birds are singing and calling and the sound is both strong and melodious.  Look around at the many birds.  Some are combing the beach for stranded sea life.  Others are foraging through the brush and grasses eating seeds and insects.  Large colorful birds nest in trees alongside more mundane looking birds.  Some are scavengers, removing flesh from the dead.  Others are delicately extracting insect invaders from trees.  Birds of prey and harmless plant eating birds coexist on this island.

Notice that each type of bird has it's own way of living and subsisting.  It's niche is easily defined and equally important to the health of this island.  Each individual fits into the ecosystem and the cycles of life.  Important lessons abound on this island; diversity and cooperation are obvious, but more importantly, these birds on this beautiful, green island have mastered the arts of balance and adaptation.  Each species exists, secure in the knowledge of its neccesity.  All creatures on this island understand and respect the importance of giving and taking- both are required, but never too much or too little.  They understand their own interconnections and to each member of their species, to the island community and to the Earth.

What is your niche in life? You have a purpose, have you found it?  Do you understand it and can you be satisfied with that knowledge?  Don't worry if the answer is "no", but try to appreciate that you are part of something greater than yourself.  Another set of questions to ponder- do you give and take from life in equal measure?  Can you learn to be better balanced?  Have you learned to adapt?  Balance and adaptation are important to creating happiness in your life.  They allow you to grow, to change and to really live.  They are important tools against disappointment, fear, anger and apathy; in times of disaster, they can lend comfort and strength.  In times of happiness, they are mere trophies.

Explore this island and watch with curiosity, like a naturalist studying a new environment.  Learn about the balance of nature and of specializations.  Take notice of the many ways in which this island illustrates balance and diversity.  Once you fell you have begun to understand, return to your ship and continue with your journey.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

I'm still here

This is just a quick note to let everyone know that I haven't forgotten about this blog.  I have journeys that I am in the process of writing; I'm just having difficulties with finding the right words.  Soon a new segment of the journey will be up for you to experience.  Please be patient with me.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Feast

Through the fog and the dark of evening, a warm glow beckons you towards it.  As your craft draws near to this new island, you see that the light is coming from the windows of a great hall made of stone.  Every window blazes with light and the scent of woodsmoke welcomes you.  You drift to the dock and find a clearly marked path to the hall.  Distantly, you can hear laughter and music, the sounds of celebration.  Follow this path, allow the welcome and joy to seep into you.

The door to the hall has been thrown open to welcome you.  The scent of delicious food and and incredible warmth make this silent invitation impossible to resist.  Golden light from torches and fireplaces wraps around you. This celebration is for you.

Inside, you will meet friends and ancestors and guides who are eager to see you.  Go inside and join them.  Celebration is good for the soul.  Rest here, enjoy good food and music and friends.  Ask for advice.  Join in the dancing.  No one here will judge you, and they all want your happiness. Stay for as long as you need to.  This feast nourishes your soul, just as a feast in the waking reality nourishes your body.

When the feast concludes, you will be walked back to your ship and given blessings for your journey.  Take the gifts from this feast with you as you continue your travels.  

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The ever changing island

The curtain of fog parts and ahead of you is a conical island of ice and fire.  It is a glacier covered volcano rising majestically out of the water.  The glacier is slowly smoothing the rocks of the island as it ebbs and flows.  The volcano, not only erupts land building lava, it also melts the ice and rocks, as it travels to the sea.  The air is full of the burning, melting smell of the lava along with the salt of the seawater.

This island, one that I do not recommend you venture onto, is the Everchanging island.  It is constantly growing and changing, being born and dying, all at once.  The processes shaping it are destructive and creative at the same time.  All of the elements coexist here, sculpting and eroding.  It is a land where very little can live because it is never static.

You are like this island.  Always changing never complete.  You are creative and destructive.  What processes of change do you see acting upon yourself?  Do you see a balance between the elements, or are you always in danger of being overwhelmed by one or two?  From the safety of your ship, you can contemplate the cycles of creation and destruction in your life.  Here is not the place to focus on the ideas of good or bad.  It is often necessary to destroy the old before something new can be created.  The process is all that matters here.  Yours is unique.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sailing through the curtain

As you drift away from the shoreline, a cool, thick grey fog gathers ahead of you. It obscures your surroundings, allowing you to focus on you. Now is the time to cut the cords that tie you to unhealthy parts of your life.  Let them get lost in this living fog.  This is the curtain wall.  Notice the scent and sight of the curtain.  This is veil between places, and it is alive.  If you allow it, the curtain wall can help you by allowing you to get lost in the Otherworld.  This can help you become for attuned to trusting your own instincts.  Sail your craft in any direction that feels right to you.  There is no wrong way.

This fog is a veil between one realm of the other world and the next.  Spend some time in to fog, simply drifting.  Feel for directional pulls that will lead you to the many island in this sea.  Each island is different, each holds new insights for you.  Where would you like to go?  What do you expect to see?

Feel free to visit islands as they come into view.  I have visited some, but certainly not all of these islands.  While you may feel frightened during time of this journey, remember that you are safe here, nothing will hurt you and that fear can be combated.

Enjoy your wanderings.  May you be blessed with teachers and lessons and wisdom!

Friday, May 20, 2011

The next stage of the journey- leaving land

After you have explored the lands around your spiritual home, you may be pulled to take another type of journey. This one is the soul sail.  To begin this journey, you must first find your boat.  Leave your home and travel to the seashore.  Explore the area and look for your vessel.  It may be a huge, grand craft or a tiny rowboat or anything in between.

Once you have found it, examine it.  What type of vessel is it?  What color is it? What is it made of?  Is there a name on it?  How does it feel to you?  Is there anything inside of it?  The answers to these questions are all reflections of you and your journey.  My sail began with a small silver ship with a single sail.  It was made of a silvery, otherworldly wood and was named.  My boat was a living being, yours may or may not be.

Once you are comfortable with your vessel, it will be time to begin the sail. Sailing into the West, the sea is vast, but calm.  Behind you is the shore.  In front you a thick fog bank. The boat knows the way and will take you to where you need to go.  Trust that you are safe and that you will see and learn many things.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Wise One

The Wise Elder can help you solve problems in your life.  This being, who often appears as old man or woman dressed in a hooded cloak, can be found in a cave.  He or she will listen to your problems and ask you questions but will not "fix" things for you.  Patience, kindness and a wealth of experience make this guide a powerful ally in the journey of self discovery.

Start out from your home and look towards the mountains.  Where a stream and the trees meet, you will find an opening in a rock face, camouflaged by vines.  This is the doorway to the Wise Elder's home.  Sweet, welcoming smoke drifts softly out to you, beckoning you to enter. Announce yourself and enter.

Inside, the walls are covered in paintings of animals and people or seasons and celestial events.  Bottles and jars full of unknown substances sit quietly on shelves and tables.  Fire light dances and warms the space.  On the far side of the fire sits the Elder.  A hood shadows this being's face and gnarled hands hold a staff.  The Elder points to a seat near the fire, positioned to encourage conversation.  Sit here and be welcome. Explain why you are here and ask for advice.

The Wise Elder make answer directly or may tell you a story.  Listen carefully to the words you here; you can choose to ignore the advice you are given, but think carefully before you do.  The Wise Elder gives no easy answers.  Work is always required, but the advice is coming from a being who has done and seen a great deal.  If you don't understand what you've been told, ask for clarification.  Willful ignorance is of no use to anyone, especially in the Otherworld.

After you have spent the time you need with the Wise Elder, thank them for their help.  Offer them yours.  Once the transaction is complete, talk your leave and return to your spiritual home to begin thinking about and/or implementing the advice you received.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The God in the Grove

The god in the grove can take any form, man or beast or tree.  He may appear young or old, stern or jovial.  He is strong and wise and knowledgeable.  He is the balance to the Divine Feminine. Balance is in his nature.  Visiting him is another step along my spirit journey.  I recommend that you visit him at least once, the difficulty of this journey is very much worth the effort. His realm is not as easily marked as other places we have visited.  He requires that you work to come to him.

It is time to step off of the path and blaze a trail of your own through the trees and undergrowth. To meet the God in the Grove, you must brave a little wildness. Pick your way carefully, through the undergrowth.  Trees filter the light into rays.  The ferns and bushes reach out to you.  The animals watch you silently, waiting to find out why you are here.  Follow your instincts, they will lead you to where you need to go. Do not worry if you seem to be walking in circles. It is not that you are unwelcome here, it simply that you must work a bit to get there.  His domain is the forest and its inhabitants.  He is a careful and strong protector, if you mean harm to any of those creatures he protects, he will thwart you..

Allow your instincts to guide you to his home, a small, secluded clearing within an ancient and dense forest.  You are safe here.  He welcomes you with a smile and invites you to rest awhile. Drink and feast and dance with him. Let him teach you about the interconnection between all life forms.  Ask him for advise and assistance if you need it.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Looking into the cauldron

A huge triple footed cauldron stands over the dying embers of fire.  It is silhouetted against the night sky.  Strangely, it is alone, as though the owner will return momentarily.  From it steam rises gently and the scent beckons you to come to it.  There is no danger here, so, go ahead and approach the cauldron.

This cauldron is large enough that you could sit inside it, up to the tops of your shoulders.  Today, you will not climb inside.  Today, you are merely looking into it. It is full of shining dark liquid, and it reflects the stars above you.  This cauldron appears to be full of stars.  The scent wafting from this liquid is soft, pleasant and warm.  It welcomes you.

Look into the cauldron.  Take deep breath of that lovely scent. Feel the gentle warmth surround you. Focus your eyes on the slight movement you see, on the darkness between the stars.  Let it dominate your vision and show you what it wants you to see. The images that come to you may be individual, or they may play as a complete vision.

After a time, the images will stop coming and you will see only the night sky reflected.  This is your signal that it is time to move on.  Spend some time thinking about what you were shown.  Are theses symbols or memories.  What do they mean to you?  Do they remind you of a story you once heard or make you feel drawn to something?  If you don't have answers for these questions right now, don't fear, their meaning will become apparent at another time.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Island of Apples

One of my first journeys was sailing to the Island of Apples.  Here I met one of the most mysterious and interesting teachers I have met so far.  The experience, even years later, remains fresh in my mind.  It was beautiful and symbolic and uplifting.  This is one of the journeys that I am most keen to share, but it is also one that has been difficult to write about (it has literally taken months to complete this post). How do I put into word the beauty and power of this journey?

Sailing through the fog, a dark shape begins to take form.  As you draw closer, a steep island rises from the see. It is covered with trees and a steep winding pathway of stairs leads from a small dock to a temple on the summit.  As your boat lands, a figure in a bright red cloak steps forward.

This guide, the woman in red, is tall, slim and brilliant.  Her red hair and red cloak swirl around her.  Her skin glows with a subtle shifting light, making it difficult to see her properly.  She looks young and feel old at the same time.  She is a powerful being who has been part of this island for millenia.  She welcomes you and guides you up those, steep stair cut into the very rock of this island.  She may or may not have a message for you.  Respectfully ask your questions about his place, but do not be surprised if all she does is smile at them.

The apple trees on either side of this path are unlike any you have known.  They are bare, in bloom and bearing fruit all at once.  Some of the apples are the colors you are familiar with, red, greens, sot yellows, but other apples are crystalline or metallic.  It is a bizarre sight because it is not natural to us.  Time is not the same here.  That is likely the only answer you will have about why this island is able to show all of the stages of an apple tree's life at once.  Among the trees, women of all ages are tending them.  Old women bent over baskets are sorting apples.  Young girls on ladders are harvesting.  Mothers and daughters are all working here, together.  They complement and support each other.  The atmosphere is busy and joyous.  Their voices fill the air with laughter and song.

Who do you see here?  What are they doing?  Is their a task that draws your attention more than others?  Do any of these women speak to you or smile at you?  What type of apples draw you? If you'd like, you may ask your guide for an apple to take with you.

Continue up the stairway to the peak of the island.  There is a temple here.  You may enter and explore.  Like meeting the Goddess in the garden, you can talk to her here as well.  Or you may simply enjoy the peace of the temple.  Ask for guidance and blessing if you need them.  Leave an offering.  Whatever you feel is perfect.  When you are done here, wander back down the path way to your ship.  The Guide may be there to send you off or she may not be.  Thank the island for it's lessons and be on your way.

Friday, April 22, 2011

The Journey to Meet the Goddess

The Divine Feminine essence, however you address Her, is in us all. She is part of the Whole, as are we.  Meeting Her, in one of her many forms, is far easier than you may suspect.  

Begin this journey by breathing deeply for several moments. Close your eyes and envision yourself enclosed in a crystalline sphere.  This sphere is protective, strong and beautiful.  Fill the sphere with whatever cleansing energy you feel comfortable with (I like imagining bathing the elements, but white light or even water will work just as well). Once you are cleansed, you may dissolve the sphere if you wish.

It's time to begin.  Ahead of you, on flat topped mountain is a shining temple surrounded by lush gardens.  A waterfall travels down the mountain.  The scene is incredibly beautiful and peaceful.  Walk towards this mountain.  As you approach, the path to the top becomes clear.  Carved into the mountain are stone steps, gently rising to the top. Ferns and flowers brush against you as you climb.

When you reach the top, you are drawn to the gardens.  Here, among the flowers and greenery, you will find Her.  She has many forms and many names, how She appears to you now, has a purpose.  Are you in need of guidance from a mother or grandmother figure, or do you need a young muse?  Whichever aspect you draw to yourself, she is loving and can help you, but first, you must ask for it.

Spend some time with Her.  Ask for help, and listen closely to what she has to say.  Her wisdom will help you, and She loves you, as She loves all souls. 

After a time, it will be time for you to return to your everyday life, but before you go, ask her more symbol that will remind you of Her in the waking world.  This symbol can be bold, such as a particular flower or color that you suddenly notice jumping out you from a scene, or it can be subtle like the whisper of leaves in the wind or a scent.  Whatever it is, it is for you alone.  Thank Her this experience and journey back to your safe place.  

Whatever knowledge she has given you today will stay with you.  Don't worry if you can't fully recall this experience as you wake.  It will come back to you, with clarity, when you most need it.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Ruined City

As you wander through the Otherworld, the road takes you far from places you are familiar with.  It passes through forest, dark and wild.  The road here is cracked and weedy.  As you walk, you begin to notice signs of habitation.  Worn, unreadable way markers stand uselessly by the road. Fences, broken and rotting, now hold nothing back.  This is the pathway to the Ruined City.

The Ruined City is one of the infinite possibilities of your journey.  This a place of reflection, where all of the broken, worn out and unnecessary pieces of you come to rest.  Once, this place was bustling with activity, but now it is silent.  nature is taking back the land as the buildings and roads crumble to dust.  Once neat and ordered gardens have overgrown.  Broken crockery and rotting furniture, once useful objects, litter the ground.  No one used this place in a long while.

Walk around this city.  Explore the buildings and take note of what has been left behind.  These are symbols of things you have left behind in your life- old ideas, people, hopes, fears and behaviors.  Nearly everything you find in this place should stay here.  You outgrew these things, or their time has long since passed, but look closely.  Occasionally, a treasured piece of ourself gets left behind in the Ruined City.  Maybe an old idea, one that you had forgotten, has been waiting for your return.  Maybe memories or good feelings are here, yours to dust off and take back with you.

Spend as much time as you need in the Ruined City.  Remembering is a healthy step towards moving forward in life. This place can be visited periodically, as way to gauge how much you have changed.  It can also be a powerful reminder of what you don't need in your life.

Monday, April 11, 2011

The next step of the journey- changing your perspective

During my own journeys last night, I was informed that I needed to write this post.  I had planned it for later, but my spirit guides insisted that now was the time.  This segment of the journey is about discovering your own power.  We are powerful and creative beings; we are all capable of creation, both in the physical world and the Otherworld of Spirit, but there is a catch: you have to accept this power and the responsibility that comes with it. Then you have to get accustomed to using it.  You also must learn to shift your perspective.  Your way of knowing is not the only way.

We'll start gently, just like when you created your safe place.  Start by taking deep, cleansing breaths.  Relax your body and your mind.  Drift to your safe place.  Remember that you are perfectly safe here and that you can control this area.  Life and death are part of the same cycle.  In this exercise you will experience another being's life cycle for yourself. You are still you, don't be afraid.  You are in control and can stp this exercise anytime you wish.  If you need to stop, for any reason, you can try again at a later date, when you feel stronger or safer.

Imagine yourself as a seed, falling from its parent.  How do you begin? Does the wind or water carry you away? Are you helped along in your journey by an insect or an animal? When the time is right, you will join the earth and begin to grow.

Your roots begin a slow, methodical journey into the soil.  Searching, you find nutrients and water, gently pushing aside anything in your way. Just as your roots are reaching down into the earth, you begin to sprout upward, pushing, reaching for the sun and fresh air.  Delicate, green leaves finally break through and the sun begins to warm you. Sun and water and air combine within you to create energy, and you grow, much more quickly than before.

You are strong and healthy and connected to all the life around you. Take moment to determine what type of plant you are.  Are you an herb, fruit, vegetable or tree? What is your role?  Do you provide energy for others or shelter?  What do you need to be healthy?  What other organisms are part of your life cycle? Do you need rich soil or can you survive anywhere?  Is the air cool or warm, moist or dry?  Are you happiest in shade or bright sun?

Focus on moving through the life cycle of this plant.  What do you experience?  Is it many seasons, or just one?  Whatever you are, feel your importance to the rest of the world.  No organism is completely self sufficient.  Everything needs something, sun or water or other beings.  Concentrate on the connections you feel, they are important. Pay attention to how the weather and climate and season affect your health and contentment.  What does time and lifetime mean to this plant?

My own experiences with this exercise have been varied.  The first time, I was surprisingly a tomato in a food garden, accidentally planted by a passing bird.  I could feel ants climbing me to gather food and bees brushing their soft bodies against my flowers.  As a tomato, I had to face my own selfishness, as I choked out other plants for nutrients and water.  I was also vulnerable to being eaten away by insects, birds and animals.  I required a great deal of care from a gardener to produce a bountiful harvest and at the end of the season, I died, rather than patiently waiting for the next spring.  It wasn't a negative experience, in spite of the the seemingly bad things I learned about myself.  I came away from it with awareness about my needs and desires and a lasting connection to the world around me.  I feel more appreciation for the food I eat and the people who grow it.  I worry now about bees and soil pollution.  Whatever you learn, that is part of your journey.  Every time you try this exercise, you may find a new lesson in a new plant, each is as important as the next.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Meeting your spirit guide(s)

Spirit guides are the beings who come to us and coax along our spiritual path.  They may be animals or faeries or angels or other people.  We may "see" them an d "hear" them, or they may simply point the way in loving silence.
However they come to you, they are here to help you learn the lessons prepared for you alone.

There are many ways to meet your guides.  One way is by simply wandering through your inner landscape and letting them come to you.  Obviously, this method requires very little active energy on your part, but it can take a great deal of time.

A more active approach is meditate with the specific intent of calling one of your guides to you.  Ask, with sincerity and an open heart for a guide to come to you and help you.  Please remember that you do not control the form or personality of your guide.  They are their own beings that exist without you.  They choose their form for a reason, even if you don't find it appealing, it has a purpose.

Be patient, guides often reveal themselves when you need them most.  Over a lifetime, guides may change.  Some people have more than one guide. Once you learn to recognize your guides (some of whom have been with you all along) you can ask them for help, but don't be surprised when they make you work for the answers you ask for.  They are here to guide you, not fix your life.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Making your Spiritual Home

One of the first steps on a spiritual journey is to create your spiritual home.  You need a safe place within which you can  rest and do your spiritual work.

You will be able to mentally create a home for yourself.  After beginning you relaxation routine, picture the landscape where you want your home to be.  Are you in a forest or a desert?  Will you build near the sea or on a mountain? Whatever you choose, pick someplace that is comfortable, safe and beautiful. Walk around this landscape and notice the scents, textures, plants and animals. Feel the air and hear the wind. This is the place where you will begin.

Building, in the spiritual realms is not difficult. See something, believe it and ask for it to come into being. Add detail, remove anything you don't like. This place is yours. Furnish it with those things you need to be comfortable. Make it reflect you.

Once you have created this place, spend some time exploring and perfecting this place. Get the feel for it. This is a place where you can spent time thinking, practicing the lessons you learn on the journey, and speak with your spirit guides. This place is, and always be yours. Change it as you need. Infuse it with safe, white light, and enjoy!

Friday, March 18, 2011


This is an offshoot of my Cauldron Full of Stars project, but this one is different. This blog is very personal and dear to me. Here, I will share some of my spirit journeys with you and give you guideposts for taking your own voyages/journeys of the spirit.  This is something I feel passionate about, and it has changed my life for the better.

"It is only in adventure that some people succeed in knowing themselves- in finding themselves."  -Andre Gide

This is an adventure that takes you inside yourself.  Each place visited is a lesson.  Each being met, a teacher.
I have thought out what I want share of this voyage.  Some of the stops that I have made will not be to your liking; we all have different lessons to learn and different psyches.  Some stops come from ancient stories, others from more modern sources, like guided meditations or folklore.  I will cite these, so you can go back and experience them for yourself, if you'd like.  Others are places that I have visited in my journeys. The inner landscape changes frequently.  Some places are mundane, others exotic.  Some places are full of magic that is not bound by the physics of the outer world.  They are still real, just not as tangible.  Feel free to skip around the way posts.  Once you begin to journey, the road will not disappear.  If you need, or want, to retrace your footsteps, you can.  Don't be afraid of breaking new ground.  You are safe here.

Visit the places you are comfortable with, visit places that you create or that you are drawn to.  Your lessons, and your teachers, will be different from mine.  I am merely giving you a copy of my map.  You may explore places that I never dreamed of, and that is wonderful.  Please feel free to share these experiences here.  Ask questions, look for answers, seek help.  This journey is one that takes time and effort.  Some lessons begin painfully, maybe you need to confront your past or current behavior, maybe you need to let go of the things that hold you back in life. Don't let uncomfortable experiences scare you off.  Maybe you need a mirror so that you can see yourself, good and bad.  Whatever your life lesson is, these journeys can help you create the life you want, by helping you to learn yourself.

The posts in this blog will be individual segments of the journey.  I did not experience these all in one go, and I don't expect that you will either.  They have happened over several years, a piece at a time.  If you'd like some background about spiritual journeys or an explanation of my methods for "traveling", please check the stand alone pages on at the top of this blog.


The Cauldron Keeper