Thursday, October 25, 2012


Walking trough an endless world of ash, all seems lost. Nothing has shape or color. It is all a powdery, deep gray ash. Beneath the your feet is several inches of ash that is neither cot nor cold.  It simply is.  There is no sound, no life and no scents here.  It is a place of emptiness. There is no direction in this place- up, down, East, West, North, South all look and feel exactly the same.

Then a shimmer appears above and before that wanderer, and a moment later, it begins to rain light.  As the droplets fall on the you, the wanderer, your skin absorbs the light. Spot by tiny spot, you are becoming something beautiful and full of light.  You are now, your own beacon.  The light you cast gives shape and form to the ash world, and you see that it is a place in which should not stay.

Once you accept the light that is now yours and the futility of staying in the dusty, dark, broken ash world, you will see a veil.  Walk to it, and walk through it.  Your time in the shadows in done.