Thursday, June 7, 2012

A tool for you on your journey

I haven't spent much time linking to other people's work here, but a few months ago, I came across a powerful tool for dealing with fear on a website that I occasionally visit. Inelia Benz's Ascension 101 has a number of tools available for you to use to deal with fear, money and dealing with a global climate that is frequently hostile.  I invite you to listen to look around her site and try out some of the tools she offers (some of them are mp3s, which I find convenient).

As I've started writing about shadow work here, fear will a common theme.  Dealing with our fears in a healthy fashion makes it possible for us to accept pieces of ourselves and to turn fear into something positive.  Ignoring a fear, trying to bury it only makes it stronger.  When the things that we really fear are brought to light, examined, and understood, they lose their power over us.

I encourage you to read through and consider using the Fear Processing Tool on Ascension 101. You can find it here.

Good luck and blessings to you!