Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Orbs and other beings you may encounter

Before you return to land, there are a few other experiences that may come to you.  There are many more islands than I have written about.  You are free to explore these, or you can enjoy the open waters.  There are beings that we sometimes come in contact with who are not bound to land or island.

The mermaids are one group of these.  It has been a very long time since I encountered them, and I have never had occasion to speak to them, but I have seen them and heard their music as I sail.  I don't know where to direct you if you are interested in meeting them, but I imagine they will turn up if they have a message or lesson for you.

Another group of beings that I have not had personal contact with are the sea serpents.  Other a glimpse or two, they have not factored into my journeys thus far.  Like many beings of the Otherworlds, they have their own business to attend to.  

The orbs are among my favorite beings in the Otherworld.  These sentient balls of light dance and play, often in groups, over the waters and in the forests and meadows.  They are joyful and peaceful. They communicate in their own fashion, and if you are lucky enough to encounter them , savor the experience.