Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Singing Trees

A final island, before I return you to the shore.  This is the island of the singing trees.  It is a high island, ringed with rock cliffs, but the interior is a lush grove of tall trees.  Climb the cliffs to enter this grove.

The trees here sing the songs of the past.  They do not produce words, but the music coming from them and the wind tells the stories of many other travelers who have journeyed in the the Otherworlds.  If you try, you may hear familiar tales of voyages.  Listen to these songs, do you learn anything?  Are you included in this music?  Travel through the trees, learning about the different sounds and melodies each individual tree adds to the music. Each voice is unique, but together, they form a whole that would be incomplete without each individual's contribution.

When you have absorbed as much of the song as you can or wish to, return to your boat and sail towards the shore you departed from.  New lessons on land await you, but you are welcome to visit the islands (and there are many we have not explored together that you can experience) anytime you wish.