Monday, June 20, 2011

The Bulls

The mist has returned.  This time, it is darker and more mysterious.  The sound of  thunder booms nearby and a dark shape begins to take form.  This new island is another place where you should watch from the safety of your ship.  This is the island of the two bulls.

The island is a high plain ringed with broken trees and trampled vegetation.  In a moment you will understand all of the destruction.  You can see that once, this place was lush and green.  Now it is all in ruins.  Look toward the center of the island.  There are two gigantic bulls, one solid black and the other cream with a russet saddle.  Their horns are locked in battle.  Each is bleeding from many wounds inflicted in the course of this conflict. They push and pull each other, struggling to gain their freedom or to dominate the other.  Their hooves gouge the earth beneath them  and they slam into the broken trees. So involved in their fight, they do not notice the destruction they have caused or their injuries.  They do not notice that they have trampled all of the edible plants and their caregivers.  To the victor of this fight, there will go nothing but a slow, lonely death.

This island of eternal battle is symbolic of many struggles.  What forces in your life or your psyche are constantly battling for dominance at the very same time they are destroying other things?  What metaphors to do you see during this segment of your journey?  Watch carefully as the bulls struggle.  Do you see parts of your life in the ruined land around the bulls?  When you have had enough of watching this battle, turn your craft away from the island and sail back into the fog.