Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Making your Spiritual Home

One of the first steps on a spiritual journey is to create your spiritual home.  You need a safe place within which you can  rest and do your spiritual work.

You will be able to mentally create a home for yourself.  After beginning you relaxation routine, picture the landscape where you want your home to be.  Are you in a forest or a desert?  Will you build near the sea or on a mountain? Whatever you choose, pick someplace that is comfortable, safe and beautiful. Walk around this landscape and notice the scents, textures, plants and animals. Feel the air and hear the wind. This is the place where you will begin.

Building, in the spiritual realms is not difficult. See something, believe it and ask for it to come into being. Add detail, remove anything you don't like. This place is yours. Furnish it with those things you need to be comfortable. Make it reflect you.

Once you have created this place, spend some time exploring and perfecting this place. Get the feel for it. This is a place where you can spent time thinking, practicing the lessons you learn on the journey, and speak with your spirit guides. This place is, and always be yours. Change it as you need. Infuse it with safe, white light, and enjoy!