Saturday, April 27, 2013

A drop of water

One of the most amazing things about travels through the Otherworlds is the lack of a defined and finite physical body.  This makes some amazing and powerfully worldview shaking experiences possible if you give up the idea that you have to be human.  I'd like you to consider trying some journeys as non-human things.  For me, rain drops have been fascinating and beautiful.

Start my reducing your vision of yourself to a small drop of water in a cloud.  Feel the pull of the earth beneath you as you grow heavier and heavier.  When the moment is right, leave the cloud and rush through the sky to the world below.  Take note of the direction and speed you feel.  Is this rain a gentle shower or a fierce storm?  Is the wind blowing you in any particular direction, or is it still?  Is the air dry and grateful for the presence of rain, or is it saturated, humid, and heavy?  Is there soot or other pollutions in the air that cling to you?  As you approach the ground, where will you fall?  Will you land on arid desert, a grassy meadow, a forest, or even the ocean?  Will you join other drops of water to puddle, pool, flood, or flow?

Water, has no shape of its own.  Where ever you find yourself, yours shape will be determined by it.  If you are pulled down my gravity, go with it.  You might be drawn up through osmosis or capillary action to the roots of a plant.  You might sink deep into the earth and become part of a water table. Have you helped to shape the stones or erode the land?  Eventually, you, a drop of water, will nourish something.  Is it a plant, an animal, a person? When they exhale, you find yourself vapor, freer and lighter than a drop of water.  Rejoin the sky and marvel in the way water flows from place to place, how it cycles through the world shaping and nourishing and changing everything it touches.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Spring is here!  My blessings of new opportunities  growth and balance to you as the days grow longer and warmer (in the Northern Hemisphere, that is).
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