Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Feast

Through the fog and the dark of evening, a warm glow beckons you towards it.  As your craft draws near to this new island, you see that the light is coming from the windows of a great hall made of stone.  Every window blazes with light and the scent of woodsmoke welcomes you.  You drift to the dock and find a clearly marked path to the hall.  Distantly, you can hear laughter and music, the sounds of celebration.  Follow this path, allow the welcome and joy to seep into you.

The door to the hall has been thrown open to welcome you.  The scent of delicious food and and incredible warmth make this silent invitation impossible to resist.  Golden light from torches and fireplaces wraps around you. This celebration is for you.

Inside, you will meet friends and ancestors and guides who are eager to see you.  Go inside and join them.  Celebration is good for the soul.  Rest here, enjoy good food and music and friends.  Ask for advice.  Join in the dancing.  No one here will judge you, and they all want your happiness. Stay for as long as you need to.  This feast nourishes your soul, just as a feast in the waking reality nourishes your body.

When the feast concludes, you will be walked back to your ship and given blessings for your journey.  Take the gifts from this feast with you as you continue your travels.