Monday, April 23, 2012

Shadow work- an introduction

There comes a point in every soul's spiritual development when we must face the less pleasant parts of our soul.  Shadow work is a good description of this process.  Shadows are merely places where light i not seen due to being blocked. Once we understand this, we can rearrange or remove the block so that we can see the light again.

Each of us has a very different experience with the dark places inside.  Some people ignore them, others embrace them, and most of us fall somewhere between.  Even once we acknowledge these places, we all react differently. There is nothing wrong with that, it's simply part of being individuals.

Examining our shadows takes several things: courage, a willingness to understand, compassion towards ourselves, and honesty. These are not always the easiest things to summon up, so i would recommend holding off on shadow work when you are in crisis, ill or in need of serious spiritual and/or psychological help.  When you undertake this part of your Otherworld journeys, I recommend you write down your experiences, reactions and any illuminations your receive. They have a way of making repeat performances when we least expect.

Shadow work is not comfortable.  It's not meant to be; it is about honoring all that is within us, accepting past actions and experiences and incorporating the lessons learned from darker experiences into ourselves to be whole.  By accepting those parts of ourselves that cause shame, despair and pain, we can let go of their influence and heal.