Friday, April 22, 2011

The Journey to Meet the Goddess

The Divine Feminine essence, however you address Her, is in us all. She is part of the Whole, as are we.  Meeting Her, in one of her many forms, is far easier than you may suspect.  

Begin this journey by breathing deeply for several moments. Close your eyes and envision yourself enclosed in a crystalline sphere.  This sphere is protective, strong and beautiful.  Fill the sphere with whatever cleansing energy you feel comfortable with (I like imagining bathing the elements, but white light or even water will work just as well). Once you are cleansed, you may dissolve the sphere if you wish.

It's time to begin.  Ahead of you, on flat topped mountain is a shining temple surrounded by lush gardens.  A waterfall travels down the mountain.  The scene is incredibly beautiful and peaceful.  Walk towards this mountain.  As you approach, the path to the top becomes clear.  Carved into the mountain are stone steps, gently rising to the top. Ferns and flowers brush against you as you climb.

When you reach the top, you are drawn to the gardens.  Here, among the flowers and greenery, you will find Her.  She has many forms and many names, how She appears to you now, has a purpose.  Are you in need of guidance from a mother or grandmother figure, or do you need a young muse?  Whichever aspect you draw to yourself, she is loving and can help you, but first, you must ask for it.

Spend some time with Her.  Ask for help, and listen closely to what she has to say.  Her wisdom will help you, and She loves you, as She loves all souls. 

After a time, it will be time for you to return to your everyday life, but before you go, ask her more symbol that will remind you of Her in the waking world.  This symbol can be bold, such as a particular flower or color that you suddenly notice jumping out you from a scene, or it can be subtle like the whisper of leaves in the wind or a scent.  Whatever it is, it is for you alone.  Thank Her this experience and journey back to your safe place.  

Whatever knowledge she has given you today will stay with you.  Don't worry if you can't fully recall this experience as you wake.  It will come back to you, with clarity, when you most need it.