Friday, May 20, 2011

The next stage of the journey- leaving land

After you have explored the lands around your spiritual home, you may be pulled to take another type of journey. This one is the soul sail.  To begin this journey, you must first find your boat.  Leave your home and travel to the seashore.  Explore the area and look for your vessel.  It may be a huge, grand craft or a tiny rowboat or anything in between.

Once you have found it, examine it.  What type of vessel is it?  What color is it? What is it made of?  Is there a name on it?  How does it feel to you?  Is there anything inside of it?  The answers to these questions are all reflections of you and your journey.  My sail began with a small silver ship with a single sail.  It was made of a silvery, otherworldly wood and was named.  My boat was a living being, yours may or may not be.

Once you are comfortable with your vessel, it will be time to begin the sail. Sailing into the West, the sea is vast, but calm.  Behind you is the shore.  In front you a thick fog bank. The boat knows the way and will take you to where you need to go.  Trust that you are safe and that you will see and learn many things.

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