Thursday, October 13, 2011

The void

I've been trying to write posts for you, but nothing was happening. Silly me, I had missed the message, several times.  I was being shown the Void.  It is a emptiness.  The "abyss of the unformed", as Patricia Kenneally Morrison poetically called it.  In fact, it's not actually a place, more an idea. It has many names; for me Void, Abyss or Annwn work.  You may find other names or descriptors that suit your worldview better.  The name has no meaning other than what you give it, much like these journeys.

My recent journeys to the Otherworlds have been in the Abyss.  For me it is devoid of light, sound, taste, sensation and scent.  I am there and occasionally, guides have sought me out.  Some of them family members who I knew in this life, but who have passed into their next existence, others teachers who wish to impart of a bit of wisdom.  Since there is nothing there, there is literally nothing to fear.  It is a place of creation and destruction, the source of change.  It defines the idea of existence.  Annwn, the abyss, is easy to overlook, but it can be an ideal place to face fears or hear truths that maybe uncomfortable.  it is a place to practice your own creative powers, or simply to be alone.

If, during your Otherworldly travel, you find yourself lost in a space that has no markers or form, you are probably in the Void.  Don't panic.  If you are afraid, you can leave and go back to someplace that makes you feel safe, or you can try to understand what the Abyss means to you.  If you stay, try creating images or objects.  Ask for guidance or simply enjoy the quiet.


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