Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The God in the Grove

The god in the grove can take any form, man or beast or tree.  He may appear young or old, stern or jovial.  He is strong and wise and knowledgeable.  He is the balance to the Divine Feminine. Balance is in his nature.  Visiting him is another step along my spirit journey.  I recommend that you visit him at least once, the difficulty of this journey is very much worth the effort. His realm is not as easily marked as other places we have visited.  He requires that you work to come to him.

It is time to step off of the path and blaze a trail of your own through the trees and undergrowth. To meet the God in the Grove, you must brave a little wildness. Pick your way carefully, through the undergrowth.  Trees filter the light into rays.  The ferns and bushes reach out to you.  The animals watch you silently, waiting to find out why you are here.  Follow your instincts, they will lead you to where you need to go. Do not worry if you seem to be walking in circles. It is not that you are unwelcome here, it simply that you must work a bit to get there.  His domain is the forest and its inhabitants.  He is a careful and strong protector, if you mean harm to any of those creatures he protects, he will thwart you..

Allow your instincts to guide you to his home, a small, secluded clearing within an ancient and dense forest.  You are safe here.  He welcomes you with a smile and invites you to rest awhile. Drink and feast and dance with him. Let him teach you about the interconnection between all life forms.  Ask him for advise and assistance if you need it.

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